Dominican Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Litaniae B. Mariae Virginis Ab Ordine Receptae


“Beware the Litanies of the Friars Preachers, for they work wonders!”
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Dominican Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

℣. O God, come to my assistance.
℟. O Lord, make haste to help me. 

Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy. Lord have mercy.

Christ, hear us. Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father in Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. 

Holy Mary, * pray for us.
Holy Mary, Mother most Holy of Christ, (*)
Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, (*)
Holy Mary, maiden Mother, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother inviolate, (*)
Holy Mary, Virgin of Virgins, (*)
Holy Mary, ever Virgin, (*)
Holy Mary, full of the grace of God, (*)
Holy Mary, daughter of the eternal King, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother and Bride of Christ, (*)
Holy Mary, Temple of the Holy Ghost, (*)
Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven, (*)
Holy Mary, Lady of the Angels, (*)
Holy Mary, ladder of God, (*)
Holy Mary, door of Heaven, (*)
Holy Mary, our Mother and Lady, (*)
Holy Mary, our true hope, (*)
Holy Mary, new Mother, (*)
Holy Mary, faith of all the faithful, (*)
Holy Mary, perfect charity of God, (*)
Holy Mary, our empress, (*)
Holy Mary, font of sweetness, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of the everlasting Prince, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of true counsel, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of true faith, (*)
Holy Mary, our resurrection, (*)
Holy Mary, through whom all creatures are renewed, (*)
Holy Mary, who brings forth the eternal Light, (*)
Holy Mary, bearer of the Bearer of all, (*)
Holy Mary, strength of the divine Incarnation, (*)
Holy Mary, who brings forth the Maker of all, (*)
Holy Mary, secret of heavenly counsel, (*)
Holy Mary, treasure of the faithful, (*)
Holy Mary, Lady most fair, (*)
Holy Mary, rainbow full of joy, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of true rejoicing, (*)
Holy Mary, our path to the Lord, (*)
Holy Mary, our advocate, (*)
Holy Mary, star most bright of the heavens, (*)
Holy Mary, overwhelming the Sun with light, (*)
Holy Mary, Mother of Eternal God, (*)
Holy Mary, destroying the darkness of eternal night, (*)
Holy Mary, light of right knowledge, (*)
Holy Mary, our inestimable joy, (*)
Holy Mary, our prize, (*)
Holy Mary, desire of the heavenly homeland, (*)
Holy Mary, mirror of divine contemplation, (*)
Holy Mary, most blessed of all the Blessed, (*)
Holy Mary, most worthy of all praise, (*)
Holy Mary, most clement Lady, (*)
Holy Mary, consoler of all who fly to thee, (*)
Holy Mary, full of pity, (*)
Holy Mary, overflowing with all sweetness, (*)
Holy Mary, beauty of the Angels, (*)
Holy Mary, flower of the Patriarchs, (*)
Holy Mary, humility of the Prophets, (*)
Holy Mary, treasure of the Apostles, (*)
Holy Mary, praise of Martyrs, (*)
Holy Mary, glorification of Priests, (*)
Holy Mary, beauty of Virgins, (*)
Holy Mary, lily of chastity, (*)
Holy Mary, blessed above all women, (*)
Holy Mary, recourse of those who are lost, (*)
Holy Mary, praise of all the just, (*)
Holy Mary, knower of the secrets of God, (*)
Holy Mary, most holy of all women, (*)
Holy Mary, most noble Lady, (*)
Holy Mary, pearl of the heavenly Spouse, (*)
Holy Mary, palace of Christ, (*)
Holy Mary, Immaculate Virgin, (*)
Holy Mary, temple of the Lord, (*)
Holy Mary, glory of Jerusalem, (*)
Holy Mary, joy of Israel, (*)
Holy Mary, daughter of God, (*)
Holy Mary, most Beloved Spouse of Christ, (*)
Holy Mary, Star of the Sea, (*)
Holy Mary, Diadem on the head of the sovereign King, (*)
Holy Mary, most worthy of all honour, (*)
Holy Mary, full of all sweetness, (*)
Holy Mary, reward of the heavenly kingdom, (*)
Holy Mary, gate of heavenly life, (*)
Holy Mary, door both closed and open, (*)
Holy Mary, through whom we come to the Lord, (*)
Holy Mary, rose that cannot wilt, (*)
Holy Mary, more precious than the whole world, (*)
Holy Mary, more desirable than all treasure, (*)
Holy Mary, higher than Heaven, (*)
Holy Mary, purer than the Angels, (*)
Holy Mary, joy of the Archangels, (*)
Holy Mary, exaltation of all Saints, (*)
Holy Mary, our honour, praise, glory and trust, (*)
Holy Mary, extend thy hand and touch our hearts, that you may enlighten us sinners, (*)

Holy Mary, daughter of God, look upon us.
Holy Mary, daughter of Joachim, love us.
Holy Mary, daughter of Anne, receive us.

She-lamb of God, you, gateway of hope, carry us to thy Son,
She-lamb of God, you, join us to Him, virginal lily.
She-lamb of God, you, give us the rest of the Kingdom, after this our exile.

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Make me worthy to praise thee, Sacred Virgin.
Strengthen me against thy enemies.

O Lord, hear my prayer.
And let my cry come unto Thee.

We beseech Thee, Lord God, that through the intercession of the blessed and glorious ever-Virgin Mary and all Thy saints, that Thou defend from all adversity our Congregation and our Order and that Thou protect it from all the snares of our enemies. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Original Latin


℣. Deus in adjutorium meum intende.
℟. Domine ad adjuvandum me festina. 

Kýrie, eléison. Kýrie, eléison.
Christe, eléison. Christe, eléison.
Kýrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. 

Christe, audi nos. Christe, audi nos.
Christe, exáudi nos. Christe, exáudi nos. 

Pater de Cælis Deus, miserére nobis.
Fili Redémptor mundi Deus, miserére nobis.
Spiritus Sancte Deus, miserére nobis.
Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, miserére nobis.

Sancta María, * ora pro nobis.
Sancta María Mater Christi Sanctíssima, (*)
Sancta Maria Dei Génitrix Virgo, (*)
Sancta María Mater innúpta (*)
Sancta María Mater invioláta, (*)
Sancta María Virgo vírginum, (*)
Sáncta María Virgo perpétua, (*)
Sáncta María Grátia Dei Plena, (*)
Sáncta María ætérni Régis fília, (*)
Sáncta María Chrísti Máter et Spónsa, (*)
Sáncta María Spíritus Sáncti Témplum, (*)
Sáncta María Cælórum Regina, (*)
Sáncta María Angelórum Domina, (*)
Sáncta María scala Dei, (*)
Sáncta María porta Paradísi, (*)
Sáncta María nostra Máter et Dómina, (*)
Sáncta María nostra spes vera, (*)
Sáncta María nova Máter, (*)
Sáncta María ómnium fidélium fídes, (*)
Sáncta María cáritas Dei perfécta, (*)
Sáncta María imperátrix nostra, (*)
Sáncta María fons dulcédinis, (*)
Sancta María Mater Misericórdiæ, (*)
Sáncta María Máter ætérni Príncipis, (*)
Sáncta María Máter veri consílii, (*)
Sáncta María Máter veræ fídei, (*)
Sáncta María nostra resurréctio, (*)
Sáncta María per quam renovátur ómnis creatura, (*)
Sáncta María génerans ætérnum Lúmen, (*)
Sáncta María ómnia portántem pórtans, (*)
Sáncta María vírtus divínæ Incarnatiónis, (*)
Sáncta María cubíle thesáuri cæléstis, (*)
Sáncta María génerans factórem ómnium, (*)
Sáncta María consílii cæléstis arcánum, (*)
Sáncta María nostra sálus vera, (*)
Sáncta María thesáurus fidélium, (*)
Sáncta María pulchérrima Dómina, (*)
Sáncta María íris plena lætítia, (*)
Sáncta María Máter veri gáudii, (*)
Sáncta María íter nóstrum ad Dóminum, (*)
Sáncta María advocátrix nostra, (*)
Sáncta María stella cæli claríssima, (*)
Sáncta María præclárior luna, (*)
Sáncta María sólem lúmine víncens, (*)
Sáncta María ætérni Dei Máter, (*)
Sáncta María délens ténebras ætérnae nóctis, (*)
Sáncta María délens chyrógraphum nostræ perditiónis, (*)
Sáncta María fons veræ sapiéntiæ, (*)
Sáncta María lúmen réctæ sciéntiæ, (*)
Sáncta María inæstimábile gáudium nóstrum, (*)
Sáncta María præmium nóstrum, (*)
Sáncta María cæléstis pátriæ desidérium, (*)
Sáncta María spéculum divínæ contemplatiónis, (*)
Sáncta María ómnium Beatórum beatíssima, (*)
Sáncta María ómni láude digníssima, (*)
Sáncta María clementíssima Dómina, (*)
Sáncta María consolátrix ad te confugiéntium, (*)
Sáncta María plena pietáte, (*)
Sáncta María ómni dulcédine superabúndans, (*)
Sáncta María pulchritúdo Angelórum, (*)
Sáncta María flos Patriarchárum, (*)
Sáncta María humílitas Prophetárum, (*)
Sáncta María thesáurus Apostolórum, (*)
Sancta María laus Mártyrum, (*)
Sáncta María glorificátio Sacerdótum, (*)
Sáncta María décus Vírginum, (*)
Sáncta María castitátis lílium, (*)
Sáncta María super ómnes féminas benedicta, (*)
Sáncta María reparátio ómnium perditórum, (*)
Sáncta María laus ómnium iustórum, (*)
Sáncta María secretórum Dei cónscia, (*)
Sáncta María sanctíssima ómnium feminárum, (*)
Sáncta María præclaríssima Dómina, (*)
Sáncta María margárita cæléstis Sponsi, (*)
Sáncta María palátium Chrísti, (*)
Sáncta María Immaculáta Vírgo, (*)
Sáncta María témplum Dómini, (*)
Sáncta María glória Ierúsalem, (*)
Sáncta María lætítia Israel, (*)
Sáncta María fília Dei, (*)
Sáncta María Sponsa Chrísti amantíssima, (*)
Sáncta María stella máris, (*)
Sáncta María diadéma in cápite summi Régis, (*)
Sáncta María ómni honóre digníssima, (*)
Sáncta María ómni dulcédine plena, (*)
Sáncta María regni cæléstis méritum, (*)
Sáncta María cæléstis vitae iánua, (*)
Sáncta María porta cláusa et pátens, (*)
Sáncta María per quam intrátur ad Dóminum, (*)
Sáncta María immarcescíbilis rosa, (*)
Sáncta María ómni mundo pretiósior, (*)
Sáncta María ómni thesáuro desiderábilior, (*)
Sáncta María áltior cælo, (*)
Sáncta María Ángelis múndior, (*)
Sáncta María Archangelórum lætítia, (*)
Sáncta María ómnium Sanctórum exsultátio, (*)
Sáncta María honor, et laus, et glória, et fidúcia nostra, (*)
Sáncta María exténde mánum túam et tange cor nóstrum, ut illúmines et líberes nos peccatóres, (*)

Fília Dei, María, nos réspice.
Fília Ióachim, María, nos dílige.
Fília Annæ, María, nos suscípe.

Ágna Dei, tu porta spei, porta nos ad Fílium.
Ágna Dei, nos iúngas ei, virginále lílium.
Ágna Dei, da requiéi régnum, post exílium.

Ora pro nóbis, Sáncta Dei Génetrix.
Ut digni efficiámur promissiónibus Chrísti.

Dignáre me laudáre te, Virgo sacráta.
Da mihi virtútem contra hóstes tuos.

Dómine, exáudi oratiónem méam.
Et clámor méus ad te véniat.

Defénde, qǽsumus, Dómine Deus, intercedénte beata et gloriósa Dei Genetríce María cum ómnibus Sanctis tuis, nostram ab ómni adversitáte Dómum et Ordinem, et ab hóstium tuére cleménter insidiis. Per Chrístum Dóminum nóstrum. Amen.


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