Videos Worth Viewing During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Vexation

Here’s a selection of videos worth viewing. Father Isaac is as (righteously) angry as ever and has a warning: “Toilet paper ain’t gonna get yer to heaven! … (the Brown Scapular will!) … we need faith. We need faith.” (from around 42:20) Note too the prayer, from the Old Rite, for the sprinkling of Holy Read More

NEW Plenary Indulgence During COVID-19 Pandemic

• Church Militant >>> Perfect Act of Contrition & Spiritual Communion (PDF) • Consider also >>> Acts of Faith, Hope, Charity & Contrition; Daily Neglects; PROFESSION OF FAITH, Etc. In her great mercy and desire for the salvation of souls, Holy Mother Church has released the following plenary indulgence directives in this time of the Read More

The Moment of Death (Plenary Indulgence)

In these times of the coronavirus COVID-19 pestilence it is judicious to remember ‘The Moment of Death’ indulgence for those unable to receive Extreme Unction (Last Rights) from a priest.