Prayer to St. Wenceslaus

Feast Day 28th September

St. Wenceslaus, thou wert born in Bohemia, son of the Duke. Thy grandfather had been converted by Saints Cyril and Methodius and thy mother was baptised upon her marriage to thine father. Thou wert brought up by St. Ludmilla, who educated thee as a Christian. However, after thy father’s death when thou wert thirteen, thy grandmother became regent. Thy mother, resentful of her power, arranged to have her killed. Having reverted back to paganism, she thwarted all attempts at evangelizing throughout Bohemia. When thou came of age at eighteen, thou deposed thy mother and took over as Duke.

As a ruler, thou wert known for thy virtue, thy generosity in almsgiving, and thy deep spiritual life.  Thou didst workest at spreading Christianity throughout thine realm. However, thy brother and some disgruntled nobles invited thee over for the feast of St. Cosmas and Damian. On thy way to Mass  thou wert assassinated. Thou forgavest thy brother as thou lay dying.

St. Wenceslaus, thou wert an intelligent and peaceable ruler, pious and forgiving of wrongs. Pray for all our leaders today, that they may be compassionate and kind, shrewd but noble, and that they may follow the morality of the Christian religion. St. Wenceslaus, thou wert declared a martyr and a saint immediately upon thine death. Pray for all persecuted Christians, that they may persevere in the faith until their death. St. Wenceslaus, thou now reign with Christ forever in heaven. Please intercede for us in the matters we bring before thee this day. Amen.

St. Wenceslas, pray for us!


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